The Business Analysis!

The business analysis is used to measure the health of a company. By means of observations in the workplace, diagnostic tools to understand the perceptions of people and the corporate culture and an analysis of the numbers you get to understand where the company is doing well and where it could be improved.


If we want to analyze a company, it is useful to think about the various components in which the majority of the companies can be subdivided. Every company is composed by:

  • The productive company
  • The environment in which the company works
  • The staff who works in or for the company

Every part requiresa different approach. The productive company can be analyzed with an Operational Analysis, the environment can be analyzed with a Strategic Analysis and the staff with the Diagnostic Tools.


Operational Analysis

The objectives of the Operational Analysis are:

  1. Doing a thorough analysis of the present situation in various accounts
  2. Determine a development potential and
  3. Prepare a series of Action Plans that form the basis for possible following phases.

Possible because the study, providing a detailed and exhaustive view of the present situation and of the development potentials, represents a work that can become very useful, i.e. it can be used in both business evaluation activity and in the budget phase. Learn more >>>

Strategic Analysis
The Strategic Analysis is useful to provide a detailed and complete sight of a company status. It doesn't just analyze the mere efficiency of the company but it takes into consideration the history of the company, its duties and the marketplaces in which it works. The result is a tool that shows the health status of the company, the opportunities and the possible threats to the Administration. Learn more >>>
Diagnostic Tools

The Diagnostic Tools are a set of questionnaires that are useful to understand people's perceptions inside a company, to identify strong areas to build in and the weaker ones that could obtain some benefits from a formative intervention. Learn more >>>